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How are you different from others?

How are JE Hedges Photo Booths Different from Others?
We offer the highest quality Vintage & Modern Open-Air Photo Booths with Touch-Screen technology.  Photo Strips are printed instantly at your event & guests can also download digital Photo Strips right to their mobile phones.  A Photo Booth Attendant is always on-site with fun props for guests to enjoy.


What type of Events typically use a Photo Booth?
Events enhanced by the presence of a Photo Booth range from Wedding Receptions, Proms, After Prom Parties, Church Youth Groups, Homecoming Dances, High School Senior Days, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Sweet Sixteen, Princess Parties, Slumber Parties, Private Parties, Halloween Parties, Dances, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Grand Openings, College Fun Nights, Night Club Promotions, Teambuilding, Anniversary Parties, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Customer Appreciation Retail Days, High School Events.... the list goes on and on!


Why a Photo Booth?
A photo strip is a great party favor for guests as it is the one souvenir your guests will never throw away.  You and your guests will have a blast making fun and goofy memories at your event.


Are we Required to use JE Hedges Photography services in order to rent a JE Hedges Booth?
No you are not required to book our photography services.  However, we do provide a discount off your rental rate should you choose for us to provide photographic services at your event 
in addition to the rental of a Photo Booth.


Is the Photo Booth Easy to Use?
Absolutely!  All of our booths are touch-screen!  One press and the photo session begins.  Once the session is complete, the photo strip will print instantly.


Do you Deliver the Photo Booth to our Event?
Delivery will always be included in your contracted agreement.  We set the booth up, ensure it runs smoothly through the duration of your event, and haul it away when it's time to leave.


What size Photo Strip does the Photo Booth create?
We can provide double 2x3 or full 4x6 fully customizable photo strips.

Do you offer personalized and custom Photo Strips?
Absolutely and it is included in your rental cost.  Just provide us with any verbiage, logos, graphics or colors you desire and we will create a custom photo strip for your event.


How long does it take to print a Photo Strip?
Photo Strips are printed instantly within 11 seconds of your last pose.


How many Poses/Pictures does a Guest get to make while in the booth?
The booth can make 1 to 6 consecutive photographs with a friendly voice countdown between each flash.  The number is adjusted for your event needs.

Can guests use the Photo Booth as often as they like during the Event?
YES!  UNLIMITED!!!  You and your guests get unlimited use of the Photo Booth for the duration of your event.  Guests can get in and out all night, making as many fun, serious, and goofy poses and pictures as they can dream up!

How do I get Copies of All the Photos from my Event?
After your event, we upload all of the high-resolution digital images to an online gallery.  You and anyone you share the link with can download, print, post, and share any image files created in the booth.


How does the Photo Booth provide a Marketing Opportunity for our Business and/or Event?
Simple.  People love photos.  Why give out promotional materials that are likely to be forgotten or discarded?  Our Photo Strips instantly become a branded keepsake that guests are sure to keep and display prominently.  Corporate, Sponsor, and/or Event Logos can be imprinted on all Photo Strips.  As an added option, your logo can appear as the backdrop image in each and every photo.  Ask for details.


What does the Photo Booth Attendant do?
Our attendants welcome your guests to the booth and assist with prop selection if needed.  The attendant ensures the booth is running smoothly at all times.


What size space does the Photo Booth need to operate?

We recommend a minimum space of 12x12.

Can you accommodate outdoor events?
Yes, with restrictions.  The Photo Booth needs to be on a concrete-like flat surface with access to an electrical outlet.  

How do we Reserve our Date?
A signed contract and $500 Retainer Fee are required to reserve the booth.


How long does it take to set it up and when does the time begin?

Setting up is around 45 minutes.  Your rental time hours are not affected by the setup time.  We will be fully setup and ready to begin at the contracted start time.  Breakdown begins when your contracted time ends and is usually completed within 30 minutes.

What type of events typically use a photo booth?
Why a Photo Booth?
Are we required to use JE Hedges Photography services in order to rent a JEHedges Photo Booth?
Is the Photo Booth easy to use?
Do you deliver the photo booth to our event?
What size photo strip does the photo booth create?
Personalized photo strips
How long does it take to print a photo strip?
how many photo strip are inclded in my rental?
how many poses does a guest get to make while in the booth
how do i obtain duplicate photo strip
how does the photo booth provide a marketing branding opportunity for our business and or event?
what does the photo booth attendant do?
how much room does the photo booth need
can you accomodate outdoor events?
how do we reserve or date?
how long does it take to set it up and when does the time begin?
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